In the current grid system the consumption is part of the distribution and the consumption measurement is being the prime target of the grid system. Although the maintenance, loss management demand management is critical, the current grid system do not have the capability to manage. Thus the utility companies are moving to SMART GRID SYSTEM.


Smart grids are digitally-enhanced versions of the conventional electricity grid, with a layer of communications network overlaying the traditional grid. They are a key enabler for energy security and reliability and integration of renewable energy resources.


A Smart Grid is a Transformation of the power system based on harnessing digital communications and control, where Utilities will be able to


  • Integrate the Generation, Transmission and distribution 
  • Manage the Demand Response 
  • Manage Load balance 
  • Outage Management 
  • Load profiling 
  • Remote control and 
  • Accurate billing with Time of Use metering and tariffing


The basic building block of a Utility Smart grid is Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).


Inesh provides the complete SMART GRID solution along with unique and state of the art multiplatform DLMS complaint AMI. The uniqueness of INESH Smarte concept is first of it kind in the utility metering segment.


  • The Unique cost effective solution
  • Custom designed to cater geographical challenges
  • Custom designed to over technical challenges
  • Unique MDAS system of Inesh is compatible and user-friendly
  • Highly Secure communication protocol and cloud platform
  • Compatible with existing DLMS meters
  • Plug play and multi technological platform AMI
  • End to End system integration of Generation and Distribution with online remote management of Demand response and TOU metering with online outage management facility.