INESH is an innovative technology solution provider in energy sector, especially in the Utility SMART GRID solution and system integration.

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World class R&D set up with innovative minds together is the strenght of Inesh. We pool in innovative minds togther with our structured R&D set up.

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Inesh DLMS to GPRS Gateway provides remote access to SMART Meters ported with IEC 62056 DLMS protocols. Data communication from the meter .

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Build your Smart meter at ease

Smarte is a revolutionary innovation of INESH in meerign industry. Its a simple easy to use mother board of a smart meter. With the smarte module a meter manufacturer can easily build his own smart meter without even knowing the smart meter technology. Inesh samrte module makes the smart meter building smarter, faster and better. INESH smarte starter KIT contains one set of Smarte module and one evaluation board and How to build smart meter - smart meter building guide. The smart meter building guide comes in handy easy to use form factor which helps the meter designer to build his own smart meter. 

Smarte module is integrated with

  • Analog Front End
  • MCU
  • EEPROM for Block Storage
  • Oscillator & PLL
  • Battery for RTC Backup
  • LCD Driver
  • Optical Port Driver
  • Latch Relay Driver
  • Serial Port for Optical, AMI and IHD
  • Metrology Engine
  • Selectable Display Parameters in Auto and Push Mode
  • Protocol Stacks
    • DLMS
    • MODBUS
    • IEC 62056-21 Mode –C
  • Computing Engines for
    • Tamper Detection/ Storage
    • Auto / Manual Billing Computation
    • Maximum Demand Calculation with Block or Sliding Window
    • Power Failure Detection and Storage

 The Smart meter designer needs to select and add only the below peripherals to build a Single Phase/ Three Phase Smart Meter 

  • CT
  • Shunt (For Single Phase)
  • Latching Relay
  • Power Supply
  • Communication Module

Smarte The ultimate Choice of a Smart meter maker